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Larry May, President            Email: LBMay@LBMay.com


       L. B. May & Associates is a 20 year old company which was established in 1991 as a wholesale book company which established and sold exclusively to a Book Cooperative called Affiliated Value Booksellers. The purpose of the Co-Op was to buy truckloads of book product and sort it down to smaller, manageable quantities and then resell to the members of the Co-Op.  Although the Co-Op disbanded in the mid-nineties several positive aspects of what had been established was reorganized in to identifiable aspects that still exsist today.  For instance, The Affiliated Value Booksellers conducted an annual, member only buying show that turned into The Spring Book Show which has grown to be the second largest bargain book show in the nation.  A second show, the Great American Bargain Book Show (GABBS) was an additional spin-off of the Spring Book Show as has been running now in Boston, Massachusetts for several years.  A second company, Freight Management Systems, emerged from another benefit of the Co-op.  Today Freight Management Systems is the largest company in the L.B. May family as was incorporated in 1996.  L.B. May & Associates also owns the only newsletter for the Bargain Book industry and is sent out to over 20,000 people twice monthly as an e-zine.